MSCEIT™ Mat and User Guide

MSCEIT™ Mat and User Guide

The MSCEITTM Mat – a 2m x 2m floor mat demonstrating the RUUM Model with a detailed facilitator guide for its use. It is a pragmatic and fun way to teach people the elements of the MSCEIT model. It is highly interactive without the use of lots of PowerPoints! 

The Mat was developed by Dattner Grant in conjunction with Dr. Susan David of Harvard Medical School, who also is a world authority on EI.

It has been trialled in numerous facilitated programs and coaching sessions with huge success, but more so is a great way to remind yourself of the EI skills in simple pragmatic exercises. 

The MSCEIT Mat is designed to be used in debriefing individuals and groups on their MSCEIT data and for coaching and educating them on techniques and strategies that can help them be more effective in recognizing, using, understanding and managing emotions. It is equally useful for a one on one session or a group workshop and each of the exercises can be used in both instances. The User Guide assumes a deep and detailed knowledge of the MSCEIT tool and the foundational principles of emotional ability that underpin it, on the part of the facilitator. Using the MSCEIT Mat will encourage people to explore how their emotional ability shows up and plays out in the real world and so you need to be prepared to go where the dialogue takes you. To do this you need to feel confident and well grounded in the theoretical underpinnings of the tool, much as the jazz musician improvises out of an intuitive and unconscious competence in basic scales and techniques of their instrument.

The User Guide however, assumes no prior facilitation or experiential learning experience and so provides detailed guidance on what to do and say to successfully complete the exercise. Using the MSCEIT Mat you will be able to transition the learning from the tool into 3 dimensional space. This will aid people to visualize and brainstorm how they can apply its insights to increase their interpersonal and organizational effectiveness.



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This Mat and User Guide is designed to accompany the MSCEITTM (Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test). MSCEITTM is owned by Multi-Health Systems, Inc. (